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Moreira Coelho Advogados Associados renders services in Legal consultancy and advice to Companies and Natural persons.

Our goal is to offer accurate, secure and adequate legal orientation to the interests of our clients at compatible costs, both in preemptive plans and conflict solutions.

The differential of our Moreira Coelho Advogados Associados consists in the service and capacity to elaborate customized and effective legal solutions, in an agile way, solving our clients’ problems.

Moreira Coelho Advogados Associados team of attorneys knows the clients deeply, and dedicate to a thorough analysis of each case, extensively planning actions, thus, reaching the best result in each job.
Moreira Coelho Advogados Associados is made of an integrated team of lawyers specialized in each of our areas of work, who are capable of understanding and acting effectively on the issues presented.

Our work is based on responsibility, ethics and a relationship of mutual trust with our clients.

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